Rump of British Lamb smoked over Hay & Lavender

June is a wonderful month for British Lamb, usually at its most tender. This recipe imparts a beautiful yet subtle flavour and is so easy to prepare…

For 2 people


2 x 200g British Lamb Rumps
2 handfuls of fresh hay
50g Dried lavender stalks with flowers
10 ml Extra Virgin Olive oil
Maldon Seasalt
Ground black pepper


  1. Trim the lamb rump of any excess fat, season and sprinkle dried lavender flowers over the meat.
  2. Sear briefly in a hot pan with olive oil. This will keep the juices in and keep the meat succulent. Remove and cool down.
  3. Take the hay and wash in cold water. Let it soak up the water and form into a solid pack.
  4. Place hay in the bottom of a pan / wok. Layer the lavender stalks on top.
  5. Using a cooking rack, place the lamb on top (as pictured)
  6. Cover with a lid and place on a high heat for 12- 15 minutes or until the lamb is pink.
  7. Remove from the heat and rest in the pan for a further 5 minutes.
  8. Slice thinly when serving.

Serving suggestions – I love the combination of olive oil potato puree, peeled vibrant broad beans and fresh carrots and a light Jus. Try not to let the lamb be overpowered by other flavours. Keep it simple…and enjoy!

Chefs Tip – Cooking the lamb in a barbecue outside would be ideal. Lavender is available from garden centres and can be bought in a small window box size pot. This will produce a bit of smoke so try and open pan and remove meat outside.