Chef Mark Peters

Essex Tourism 2014 Finalist_Chef of the Year

Just Imagine Foods has evolved since late 2011 and was initially the title of my blog. Starting my own Luxury Private Chef and Events company has always been my dream, but never felt quite right until recently.

I wanted to gain not just 30 years of cookery experience, but experience of life and business as well. I wanted to be different. High quality, yet a bespoke & flexible service to my clients……and exquisite food without compromise.

My Journey began at Catering College and was good fun. Back then I learnt classical practical cookery and achieved a third year diploma involving sugar work, fat carving, etc… The year I learnt cookery was not just a science but an art too.

Winning Gold medal at The Salon Culinary after spending weeks constructing a Romany Gypsy Caravan out of sugar taught me that you get out of life what you put in.

A few months later, being a Chef became a special way of life too. Not just a job.

So my journey through world famous restaurants and Michelin starred restaurants began.

In 2014 I became a finalist of the Essex Chef of the Year competition and loved every minute of it.


I still have the desire and passion to achieve greater things creating quality Private Dining and Events. With Chef Consultancy, Menu Development and Cookery Classes becoming an increasingly growing part of the business.

Our new brand, Just Imagine Food for Sport involves cooking and providing Proffessional Athletes with nutritious, high quality food so their performance is enhanced.

30 years since leaving college I am still loving cooking and believe it to be only one of the few vocations that require your heart and soul. Your blood and sweat. Your patience and passion.

One thing matters, only one thing is on every good Chef’s mind at service time….

Perfection !!