Just Imagine Foods Food’s Policies are not to be a corporate statement promising we can make the world a better place!

It is simply a guide to our principles and ethics with a few specifics. Hopefully information to our clients and partners regarding issues that we consider important to the company.

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All content has been written by Chef Mark Peters including recipes unless otherwise stated. All photographs of food and service shots are genuine and created and cooked by Chef Mark Peters. Thank you to my team for appearing in the function shots !


We believe that it is the strategy to reduce the need for food waste as opposed to what we do with waste to be more important. Strict portion control, purchasing of fresh ingredients, and good cooking practices is fundamental to us.

Commodity Sourcing 
is key to our quality food production. Buying British and ideally locally is close to our hearts and where possible our ingredients are sourced locally. Fish from the Essex and Suffolk coast, meat reared at local farms and Fruit and Vegetables supplied through Saffron Walden. Great reliable suppliers are key and they have been chosen because they share the same philosophy as us. But in lots of cases, items (e.g Olive Oil,) have to be sourced from Europe.

Traceability of our meat, fish and vegetables are is very important and will, where possible feature on the menus in detail.

We will be keeping as many products sustainable as possible. We like to keep up with current news especially when sourcing endangered fish etc. This will be echoed in our menus and some fish may not be available if over fished.


We as a company will never dictate what is correct in the world of ethics in the food industry, however foods deemed to be obtained using cruel farming or slaughtering methods will not be offered on our menus.

Health and Nutrition:

A lot of our work is with clients with specific dietary needs. We purchase very high quality fresh ingredients and prepare them in a manner that preserves as many nutrients as possible. We do not practice freezing generally and always obtain the freshest items. Our menus will be well balanced and healthy.

We also work with a consultant nutritionalist to aid us when creating menus for clients with allergies and special diets.


 JIF recycle Cardboard, Paper, Food waste, Glass etc just as many of us do now in our domestic and work environments.

Health and Safety:

 JIF have achieved the 5* Food Hygiene rating for our premises. Food safety certificates, Health and safety certificates and local council food registration documents can be provided on request.


General Terms and Conditions:

These will be sent out with every quote / first correspondence.

May 2017, Mark Peters